The Jar From Afar


a book by

Paula Osborn

Several years ago, our family embarked on our first secret mission to gift our Jar From Afar to another family in our community. Drew and I watched our two children move cautiously to the door to deliver their gold jar full of love. As we drove away, we saw their door open to discover the anonymous gift placed on their doorstep. It was that moment when we realized that giving our jar had been as much of a blessing to us as we hoped it would be to the family who received it. We vowed to continue our tradition of gifting our jar forever.

We take pride in filling our jar as a family. Our Jar From Afar lives in our kitchen and serves as a daily reminder to share. The tradition of filling our jars has truly been a blessing to our family and is a project that we have enjoyed completing together, over and over again.

We are honored to share our story and tradition of The Jar From Afar with you. The book contained in the retail box tells the true story of how it was born. It’s our hope that YOUR family will add to the story and make it a tradition of your own. The excitement of watching the contents of the jar grow reminds us that small acts of kindness can grow into something amazing.


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Will & Ava

Will & Ava

Real life characters of the JFA story.

Hello to our friends from Afar!

Even now, at 17 and 19, Will and Ava still look forward to the night that we refer to as “The Night of the Drop”. The same excitement that we have enjoyed since they were grade schoolers comes alive as our family embarks on our mission to secretly gift our jars. We hope that your family adopts this mission and that JFA becomes part of YOUR family’s tradition. We want you to add to our story, change it, grow it, and experience the impact that one gold jar can have both on your family as the giver, as well as the family you will chose to receive it. Let’s spread the love in EVERY town of Afar..

Paula Osborn

Paula Osborn

Author of JFA and Will & Ava’s mom