The Jar From Afar

What Is In The Box?

The Jar From Far Book

Product Details:

Inside the beautiful retail box lives the true, heartfelt, storybook of The Jar From Afar. When read aloud, the story can be enjoyed by a child as young as 5. The Guided Reading Level is L, second grade level.

Along with the storybook is your very own Jar From Afar. The front of the jar proudly displays this message: “This is a gift that comes from Afar. Our hearts were with you when we filled up this jar. We hope that is brings you great blessings this day. Just as it blessed us to give it away.”


Decorate your JFA to represent YOUR town of Afar!

We also offer a beautiful sticker pack so that your family can build YOUR town of Afar! Do you live at the beach? On a farm? In the city? A fun activity to give children a creative way to make the Jar From Afar story their very own!